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long eyelashes
long eyelashes
long eyelashes
This pair shot eyelashes is popular among girls who have medium and round eyes. These false real mink eyelashes are made with best mink furs, and also makes your eyes bigger and more attractive. Many hair salon owners like to purchase these eyelashes.
We produce best quality eyelashes, and welcome to contact us for win-win cooperation.
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  • *Color:Natural Black
  • *Packaging:Plastic or paper box, Custom package as required.
  • *Model Number:MK11
  • *Lash Material:100% real mink eyelashes
  • *Type:Hand Made
  • *Style:Siberian mink eyelashes
  • *Service:OEM/Private Label/Own Brand/Custom Package
  • *Payment Terms:T/T,PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram

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