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High quality eyelashes
High quality eyelashes
High quality eyelashes
These handmade mink eyelashes produced by Meidear was gently brushed and harvested Siberian mink hair by cruelty-free method. These mink lashes are by far the softest hairs in the world. They are applied individually to your lashes for the most natural, thick and elegant look that is virtually undetectable.
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  • *Color:Natural Black
  • *Packaging:Plastic or paper box, Custom package as required.
  • *Model Number:MK10
  • *Lash Material:100% real mink eyelashes
  • *Type:Hand Made
  • *Service:OEM/Private Label/Own Brand/Custom Package
  • *Style:Siberian mink eyelashes
  • *Payment Terms:T/T,PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram

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