How to make your own custom lash box ?

How to make your own custom lash box ?


How to make your own custom lash box with logo ? Check our the best small business ideas to start  your own business from home and what what kind of jobs you can do. Learn how to balance what you love with what you can make money doing and find the top 10 small business ideas for you ! Top 10 small business ideas for you !

 Make your own custom lash box step 1: The most import you need is making a stand out logo. 

This will allow people to remember you at once and make your brand more recognizable.


Make your own custom lash box step 2 : Choose the box shape you like and create a website. 

Match the color of the box with the theme of the website.

The pink color is the most popular color,  60% buyer will make pink box with their logo.

We can print any color and any shape for you !  You can tell us any good idea, and we will make it happen for you!

Create your own business account, social platform. Like Facebook,insagram,Tiktok,Pintest. You can print these social information on the custom boxes. You can sharge the pictures, videos on the social media. Some people may not buy immediately, but I believe that in the near future they will become your most loyal fans and bring you profits.


Make your own custom lash box step 3: Making business card and label.

 Make THANK YOU card , you can put them into the box when goods products to your clients. Everyone wants to be the one who is cared for, and having this thank you card will make a good impression on your customers.Having this card will make your customers more loyal to you, even if they also buy from others, but their first choice

will be you! 


Make your own custom lash box step 4: The most important is choose lashes for  your business!

As the Top 1 best eyelash vendor, our most obvious advantage is our low price and good quality. Of course, of all the suppliers you contact, they will tell you this. The difference between us and them is that we can provide samples before you make big order, and we can guarantee that the large shipments will be exactly the same as the samples. Some suppliers can only provide you with eyelashes, so that you need to spend double the time also need the box supplier. But we can provide you with the most comprehensive service, from designing the logo, to producing the lashes, making the box, and a series of eyelash tools, we have it all. This not only saves you time and effort, but also saves you a lot of money in shipping costs. And our lashes MOQ just need 1 pair !!! You can order any quantity you want ! 


Make your own custom lash box you need a good eyelash vendors. 

Sky lashes wholesale many kinds of lashes. Our factory produce 3D mink lashes, 5D fluffy mink lashes, 35mm mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, 30mm mink lashes all accpet customization service. We can change the lenght, change the curl following your requests. 

These are things that other suppliers can not do. Some customers like natural eyelashes, short and natural looking like 13-16mm length . Some customers like exaggerated eyelashes, like 25mm super long , 30mm long length lashes. You can buy them both according to the customers preference. My suggestion is 70% natural looking lashes, 30% 25mm long mink lashes. 


Make your own custom lash box need the eyelash boxes recyclable? Yes ! 

Many customers print the recyclable logo on the box. All of our materials used in the production of boxes are environmentally friendly materials that meet EU certification standards. There is no pollution to the environment.  Due to the epidemic, it was difficult to start other businesses because it required a lot of capital investment. But we can provide you with the best and cheapest eyelashes to help you start your eyelash business with custom box.


Do not hesitate to start your own eyelash business now! Because many people are already making a lot of money and expanding their business while you are hesitating. We help you start your eyelash business with the least amount of money. Take action! Create a unique eyelash brand for now !

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